Would you like to register your child at Sibongile?
First and foremost allow me to announce that Sibongile Day and Night Care Centre is in its full capacity and can no longer enroll more children both to our Day Care Centre and Residential Houses.
However we hold a waiting list which allows us to place children who are considering placement in our premises.
Well this is what you have to do…
Step 1 Visit
Visit our main offices at the Corner of Nonkxwe and Nkanyezi Street in Ilitha Park behind the ZCC church with the following copies
Birth certificate
Clinic card
Appointment card
Medical report (History of disability)
ID Copy (parent)

Step 2 Waiting period
During this time, both parent(s) and the school are waiting for space availability in order to commence with the admission process.
The waiting list does not specifically state how long it will take for the space to be available, however due to our lengthy waiting list it takes some time for the space to be available.
Please also note that; it takes some time for our children to graduate from our Day Care Centre to a Special School hence the admission process takes a while.

Step 3 Call for assessment
During the waiting period you will receive a call from Sibongile Office notifying you about the date of the assessment.
The call from Sibongile Office will request you to bring the child to our Day Care Centre premise.
You will leave the child under the care of our teachers and physiotherapist from 09h30 – 15h00 (5 hours and 30 minutes).
Your child will be assessed and evaluated by the above mentioned day care staff to see if we will be able to accommodate the child at Sibongile.
When you come back to collect the child you will be told if whether he / she qualifies or not.
Assessment DOES NOT mean that there is space available, but it only prepares the candidate’s in-case we have a space available.

Step 4 Admission
When the above steps have been completed and the space is available candidates will be called according to the dates of applications.
(This basically means that, FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED). Forms will be given to successful candidates to be completed and sent back to school.
Candidates will be told when to start at school.

Possible questions you might be asked
Current place of residence
Two contact details
Child disability
Hospital attending
Previous placement
In what way did you know about Sibongile? E.g. Internet, Doctor referral, Radio, Someone from Sibongile(Who)
*Published by Eyethu Ningiza*

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