Word of appreciation goes to all the donors who contributed in the success of all the previous Christmas festivals

However this year too was a good long year indeed.
From staff to management, they have done a tremendous job in caring for children whom are under the care of Sibongile.

Once again we call out, humbling ourselves to you
When making a shopping list for Christmas this season,
Please keep us in mind.
Making a Christmas donation to us will show our children that you are thinking of them during the holiday season, show them that you are mindful of their needs and respectful of their interests.
This is a truly thoughtful opportunity to spread a message of cheer and charitable giving during the Christmas season.
Family of Sibongile appreciate all kinds of expressions of generosity.

To make a Donation

Account Holder 
Sibongile Day and Night Care Centre
First National Bank
Account Number 
622 566 319 22
Branch Code   
250 555

Please kindly forward a proof of payment with details on where to send the gift acknowledgement.
Gift can be made in any amount.
Donation must be reference with the donors name or company representing.

Once the donation has been done we will provide a donor with a lovely certificate showcasing the donation amount and their details, (as a recipient).
The gift acknowledgement certificate can be sent to the donor for gift giving.
It is the donor’s choice to either attend our children’s Christmas party invitation through donations received.

However the invitations for the Christmas Party will be sent according to to the proof of payments received via email
All funds raised through the Christmas donation over the November month, will go directly to support our Children’s
Christmas Festival in our fight for acceptance and integration in our community regarding disability.

Support us, to support them,
”They are person before their Disabilities”

**Eyethu Ningiza**

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